Posted on May 5th, 2020 07:34 PM

Eco-Friendly Stationery strives to swap the ‘disposables’ with the ‘sustainables’.

We envisioned this platform to vitalise the use of eco-friendly items among people in order to lessen the burden of waste reduction and save our environment from the already increasing damages caused by one time consumable items.

Converting waste into wealth is crucial in saving the environment today. Our abuse and misuse of resources have put the planet in a difficult predicament and we are the one only ones that can stop the detriment. Just as the proverb goes “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” We stand to create a world which we can heartily pass onto our next generations.

In order to conserve the beauty of our planet, it is important that our everyday decisions positively affect the planet. This is where eco-friendly products come in. From stationery to calendars, our products are designed to be useful and practical rather than being overly extravagant and aim to create a greener, cleaner environment. They provide consumers with an option to choose responsibility over frivolity. Eco-friendly products ensure safety from dangerous chemicals and allow families to avoid risky additives that can be of any concern. These products improve the quality of life in terms of mortality, age, diseases, and illnesses.

Our vision in starting this company was to offer products that met our goals of starting a trend that others could follow and, in hopes of fulfilling the pressing need for such unique items.

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