About Us

About Us

About Us 

Eco Friendly Stationery is an initiative by Ayush Agarwal and as he says "We are the Green-Army set out on a mission to ensure that our planet is saved from the travesties of Non-BioDegradable products"
Eco-Friendly-Stationery makes Daily use Stationery from eco-friendly raw materials which are organic in nature and create hassle-free-disposals after use. Rather, these products after use become useful again by supporting the nature as they are bio-degradable."

The Big Problem today is that The Planet is becoming vulnerable by the day. The Main cause is the use of Plastic and Non-BioDegradable products. Throughout the history of Human Evolution, we have dumped so much of Non-BioDegradable stuff into earth that it is turning out planet hostile.

The Solution is to Encourage the use of organic and bio-degradable eco-friendly stationery. Hence we started on this mission. Ayush envisioned this platform to encourage the use of eco-friendly items among individuals and corporates, in order to save our environment from the already growing damages caused by one-time consumable items. He believes that these products would reduce the carbon footprints on earth and would lead to a more sustainable living.

Our Mission:

  • To save our Planet Earth from Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect.
  • To stop deforestation and to save our forest reserves.

Our Unique prepositions ranges from products required for the daily office and home stationery like including SEED Pencils-These Pencils are 100% bio-degradable and made from recycled paper and old newspapers. Instead of an eraser, each pencil has seed capsule on one end. The capsule contains herbs like basil. Once the writing end of the pencil is all used up, you just stick the capsule end in some soil water regularly. The seed should germinate within 1 to 3 weeks. This is just one example, we have created a huge range of such eco-friendly products.

So, Let's Come together and make our planet more endurable and sustainable !!


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