Social Entrepreneurship is a Not-For-Profit Organisation and undertakes many 
Social Entrepreneurship projects : 

  • Encouraging & Helping Women Entrepreneurship and their Livelihood Efforts and social well-being, Especially for Rural and BPL Women.

              How is it done ?

  1. Mass FaceMasks manufacturing Efforts for prevention against Covid-19 by Skilful Women Entrepreneurs.
  2. Manufacturing of Recyclable & Eco-Friendly Stationery
  3. Keeping alive the Jaipur Local Industry Survive with Women Entrepreneurship

  • Green Army & Plantation Initiatives
            How is it done ?

  1. Adding student community to plantation activities.
  2. Target 10,000 Plants on special occasions like Birthdays. Celebrations Day Gifts etc. 
  3. Encouraging Community Plantation drives. 

10% of Every Purchase made on EcoFriendlyStationery.Com is contributed to above causes.

P&L and B/S is audited on regular intervals and every paisa earned is published for Public Scrutiny and Contribution increasing transparency and Credibility

Eco Friendliness is no more a luxury but the most urgent need of the hour today. Lets Join hands together in responsibility to make a more sustainable planet for our future generations.


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