Combo103- Set Of 5 Pens + 5 Pencils

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Set Of 5 Seed Pens and 5 Seed Pencils


Size : Standard Size

Content : 5 Recyclable Seed Pen and 5 Recyclable Seed Pencils 

Total Weight = 125 Grams

Quality : Lightweight, Seeded, and Recyclable Pen and Pencils.


  • Plantable recycled paper seed pens have 90% less plastic than regular pens .  Write till the Stub is left with your smooth writing as compared to normal pen| Plant it - Nurture it - Watch it grow!
  • Eco-friendly stationery products not only inculcate gardening skills also inspires to write
  • Buy today and feel proud to join fight to save trees and grow more plants
  • Best Gift for Green Lovers
  • Plantable seed ball Pens and Pencils are biodegradable and non-toxic.
  •  Pen set with herb and flower seed
  •  A step towards better tomorrow. 

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