Ecofriendly Stationery Combo of Diary + Wooden Brush + Seed Pencils + NewsPaper Pencils in Jute Bag

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Combo of Diary - A5 size (8x6.5) 2 Wooden Brush - Charcoal and Nylon Free made of Neem/Bamboo 2 Seed Pencils - Seed embedded on top which grow after put into the soil 2 NewsPaper Pencils - Fully recycled and made of No water use 1 Jute Bag - Pack in a jute Bag
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ECOFRIENDLY STATIONERY Present beautiful set of handcrafted diary along with wooden brushes comes in jute bag with seed pencils and newspaper pencils.

Pages of diary are totally recycled and recyclable which is great step in the field of ecofriendly world. This is a small step of young boy not to earn money but to make world a better place. Seed pencils are made by recycled paper with embedded seed on it which is growable after fully use of pencil. Newspaper Pencils are made of waste newspaper by recycling it. All items are also ecofriendly to nature. Good for nature lovers.


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