Wooden COMB for hair fall and hair Greying problems

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Content : Wooden COMB for hair fall and hair Greying problems

Feature : Non-toxic and BPA-free 

Style : Handle and Non Handle

Total Weight = 100 Grams

Quality : Premium COMB with Neem/Bamboo Power

MultiPurpose Use : 

  • Quality - Finest Bamboo and High Quality Neem
  • PROMOTES HAIR HEALTH NATURALLY: Ecofriendly stationery Neem/Bamboo wooden comb for Hair growth and Hair Fall Control is handmade of 100% pure Neem; ALL HAIR TYPES: Neem Comb is Ideal for all Hair Types for Men, Women, kids
  • Bamboo comb : Antioxidant, Good for hair growth and Volume
  • NEEM COMB ANTI DANDRUFF: Neem has anti bacterial properties, hence it removes the dandruff and itchy scalp problems.
  • Made in india - Provide Employement to indian villagers and farmer

  • ANTI STATIC ELECTICITY: Being Anti Static Neem Wood does not damage hair. This makes Neem Comb Bare essential product for anyone who wants to take benefits from ancient living ideas.
  • A step Towards better Tomorrow.

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